Aug 4, 2007

Monoshock E Magazine August Issue Now Online!

Hello Folks,
The Independence Mega Issue of the Monoshock E Mag is now online for your viewing.

In our fattest issue till date, we have:
- The Apache RTR 160
- The Discover 135
- Honda Dio and Hero Honda Pleasure
- Biking into the Indian Cake
- Synndicated Programming
- Rearset
- Bodh Gaya and much much more!
Log on to Monoshock now and get your share of biking action in a format never seen before!

For those who are lazy as hell, right click this link and select 'save target as' to download the entire mag on your hard drive!

Comments and feedback welcome on this post about the August Issue!


Anonymous said...

Kudos team Monoshock..!!!!

i'm really glad that yet another edition of the mag is coming out..

good work guys....
i really hope in a few months time
u could go along a may be hit the news stands too....

that would be really gr8

and nice posts on the newly added blog...

shaant said...

Thanks buddy...
We will better the mag in terms of feel and content as we go, but no news stands for us, ever!
We will be an online magazine forever... Trust us, you will never feel the need for it to be printed..
Ride Safe and keep supporting us, these are our true rewards!

Anonymous said...

Well thinking on those lines...

The online monoshock readers are mostly netizens.. n they'd rarely get time for reading something or rather anything at all... :)
that is apart from the online mag...

We love the e-magazine...a lot of my pals have been really impressed by monoshock,especially the the flawless n impeccable pics..?
Can u tell the readers what imaging equipment is used.

Is there any plans for any tie ups with which is a real life biker forum.
i suppose there are hordes of bikers in there....

Keep the good work coming..
and Ride safe.


Anonymous said...

N sorry i almost forgot....

Happy Independence Day ....!!!!!!!!

to all AT MOnOshOck...and the readers...!!!!

shaant said...

Happy Independence Day to you too buddy!
Tie ups and co branding will happen we are sure... With time.
We are so glad you liked the E Mag!

Neil said...

errr where are you guys ? no sign of you after the last mag