Aug 30, 2007

The Megola Racing Model

This, dost is the world's most unconventional motorcycle! Only 2000 (only?) of these were built between 1921 and 1924.

Designer Fritz Cockerell was heavily inspired by the rotary aero engines of World War I and came up with a 5 cyclinder radial mounted engine inside the front wheel! Now beat that. For each forward rotation of the front wheel, the engine rotated in the opposite direction 6 times.

It was a 640cc, 5 pot, 14 bhp machine that was clocked to a whopping 148 km/h! Darn, our heads are going round in circles...

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Maximus said...

now I know where the step thru's got their inspiration from. ;-)

Damn no originality left eh? :-D

I can almost hear them going quack quack in South East Asia (where Bebek's are popular apparently)