Aug 14, 2007

Guys lets straighten things out!

Great riding is a lot about how well and how fast you can exit corners. So here goes some from us..
1) Look where you want to go. This is an old one guys but if you are looking 4 feet ahead of you on the road, you won't know what is coming your way. If you are looking at the distant scenery, chances are that you will mate with it, bike in tow! So focus on the bend!

2) Don't twist the wrist too fast. Too much gas may upset the rear wheel traction if sent in a jerk so hold that wrist (and save it for the end moment of the being your own best friend do) and throttle gradually and surely!

3) Hold the handle bars tight only during braking! Do not cling on to them tight otherwise. Have a relaxed grip and turn smoothly to reduce unnecessary feedback from the front about the hazards of it's job!

4) Be in the right gear always. Once you are leaning over, you do not want to go half a km that way for the revs to build up. Also, right in the middle of a right hander, you should not run out revs and contemplate shifting. Stay just below the powerband and shift up only once you are straight.

That should set the record straight! Ride Safe.

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