Aug 12, 2007

Greatest mystery of the universe!

Ever crashed your bike? If you have reached this far in your quest for motorcycling content, we take that as a yes!

I recently felt the rear of my bike going out of line in a corner and no matter what I did (becuase there was too much gravel!) a few nano seconds later, realized that this was going out of hand. I slid on my behind and saw the bike sliding ahead of me on the deserted road, every little bump causing a few thousand rupees worth of damage!

Roger everything mate, including the laws of physics and friction but a sliding bike seems to take an eternity to stop! Trust me. And why that is is one of the greatest mysteries in the universe!
- Nitin


Hrishi said...

Oh yeah. Tell me about it.
I cannot forget the crash i had just after buying the Pulsar, back in 2001.

I still remember the unforgettable sight of a bike sliding on concrete, and sparks flying from the scraping silencer heat shield...

Man that HURT :-(

Maximus said...

something similar ( what is this, crash season! One difference though, I stuck with it :-) cut short a potential 100 metres+ slide to about 15... am actually planning to start a new post called "effective and efficient ways of crashing!" to minimise damage. lets all injured soldiers go get some spirits... ( tut tut.. for the wounds silly! )

Nitin said...

Hrishi : if you paid for it it hurts. Especially with someone you have been riding on for sometime :-)

Max : Some detailed write up on your blog. I say it is not your ego which doesn't permit you to lay the blame on someone else. It is the essence of being a true biker. Looking forward to your post on how to crash the effective way. So what is your total count of crashes for you to post something like this :-)

Max said...

Nitin: yeah I do delve too much into details at times,have to stop ranting! :-D my writing can put even me to sleep! see just like right now when am digressing instead of replying to what you said! sheesh! STOP! (talking to self)..

Continue - thanks for the true biker bit, appreciate it :-) most people stop at crazy/insane or variants of the same :-D "how to crash the effective way" coming up soon! right now am busy cornering :-D my total count of crashes? I remember them all but I dont remember the number, growing old, but between 20-25 would be a safe bet.

nitin said...

WOW ! Huh ! WTF ? And you are still alive to tell the tale. Now I'm desperately looking forward to that post.

Maximus said...


this is hilarious, guess what, theres more !!! :-D :-D everyone seems to be at it! I mean, I started out feeling all low and bad and stuff, but after a while, thinking about the whole thing, I just cant stop laughing, just read it.