Aug 9, 2007

Which Bike?


I read your review about the Apache RTR and somehow it doesn't impress me more than the CBZ-Xtreme which you had tetsted in your earlier issue.This has put me in a dilemma as I was banking on the Apache RTR to be my new bike. So i would like to have your suggestions on what should be the best bet. CBZ-Xtreme or Apache RTR. Hope to get a reply from you soon.

Rakesh Singh

Hello Rakesh. The RTR and the Xtreme are two different lines of thought though they are so close to each other in terms of cubic capacity. If you do long distances (or look forward to in the near future), need a more relaxed riding posture, carry a pillion often and need extreme levels of reliability, then the CBZ is the best bet! However, dost, if your knees weaken at throttle responsiveness and power, you feel like being in a more committed posture while riding and expect your bike to change direction at the speed of thought, the RTR 160 is your machine.

2 different ballgames. If you know what you want, there is no dilemma at all! And let us know what you finally decide!

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Rakesh said...

Hi rahul,thanks for ur reply.To add to my query i wud also like to put a point bout the height and the weight factor.My height is 5ft 9inch and I do ride a long distance from my home to office and then back to home that to in a very heavy i wud definitely like to have a bike that keeps me comfortable for such long ride and also which is easy to handle in city's traffic.Now wat wud be ur suggestions???? said...

It is the Xtreme for you! Get there quick and pick one up! And if you are feeling upto it, do send us a small ownership report once your hardware is home!
Ride safe!