Aug 6, 2007

Phsychological Gamble!

Check out Mac here without a helmet! Quite a pretty picture it makes right? Considering that the clean roads and the blue skies and that awesome cruiser have to put up with an eyesore without a lid!

But if you were to go deep into psychology, there would be an explanation. If you refer to James W. Kalat's Introduction to Psychology (its a great volume), you will find that life is full of gambles. Your selection of college is a gamble, your personal relationships are gambles and your investments are gambles. Heck, even riding a bike without a lid is a gamble and when you see a rider without one, it means he has a reckless mind that is always looking at covering losses.

Notice a gambler on the card table as he puts in more and more money when losing to cover his losses at one go rather than focussing on winning. Quite a revelation there mates! If you want to gamble, we say go buy yourself a lottery ticket or something. But wear a lid always!

More from the realms of psychology soon!

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