Aug 9, 2007

We just could not resist this!

Sample this:

Dear doods,
You know who can endorse your bikes best? Your bikes. And you don't have any of them in India. No, lawnmowers don't count. Especially when they are grafted with the cranium of a praying mantis.
So get your collective heads out of your big friggin' ignorant ass, and do the needful. Give us some good bikes, make an ad that shows nothing but them, and display a slogan on the lines of "Now here are some REAL motorcycles. Beat that, bitches".

That is The Synner for you! We could not agree more with you brother! For the entire vent out, click here. . .

1 comment:

Maximus said...

Yeah he sure is one of a kind! Rock on and Ride safe as the synner would say! :-D awesome

anyone at Yamaha listening? he's right you know? get that damn 250 down!