Aug 16, 2007

Number 1 on our bullet list

With all this hype about the E magazine, it seems we guys had forgotten about breaking our Enfield Bullet virginity ! And to tell you that Monoshock Editor in Chief (Ben) has been riding only various Enfields for the last 22 years!

He currently owns and simply adores his 500! But he won't let anyone else ride it and he cannot corner! So no story yet.

But this month's issue will change all that. We are going to strike off that bullet point which says "Enfield?". Thump!

Image: Was sent in by one of our readers. This machine looks so good.

1 comment:

Maximus said...

@ Team Monoshock - really? How come no one told me!! :-D Watcha waitin' for! Bite the Bullet!