Aug 25, 2007

Its alright

"Give it all and its got no return,
Very soon you' ll see
And you' ll begin to learn
Its alright, its alright"

The one song for which this album becomes so darn endearing. Originally done by Ozzy but the Axl version sure is rendered really well.

Add to that Rocket Queen, November Rain, Paradise City, Knockin' on Heaven's Door and Estranged and you have a full house. Nothing else will do this Saturday night. And its only just 2 am!

Must have album guys.


Max said...

FUC*!!!! AXL/SLASH = GODS { ok maybe not axl ;-) } yeah had that album for years now, surely a must buy! Try to get a hold of the Knockin on Heavens door video too (axl on stage with a whisky bottle in hand) and of course those lines, do you know what time it is? we'll do this 4 times!

And the estranged intro...and his piano solo before starting November rain..simply awesome! :-) said...

Yeah.. Axl has dome attitude as always! Feels like the band guys are slaves. Hehe
Especially when he says "Gimme some reggae....." The piano solo however sets the scales right.