Aug 14, 2007

Tyre fetish!

Hahahahahahahahaha! Oh man we are rolling at office with this, man get us some water please before we choke!

Rear rubber is one of bikers' biggest fetishes, and there are no exceptions. Like our man Nitin fitted a 120 rear section to his P180 and now he is grumbling about how lanky it looks. We have seen Pulsars with 150 sections too!

Here are a couple from Sculpture Cycles. They call it their 'steroid bikes' and these are up for sale now. Each one of these can be bought wearing a hold your breath 360 section on the rear!!!!!!!

And thats not enough, they are working on a 400 section now! We will keep you posted on the same when the rumour becomes a reality. Nitin is busy sulking out of office.

He does not want to be around seeing this. But his job leaves him no option. We love it!


Maximus said...

very um, adventurous (for want of a better word) just wondering...what the pillion riders backside's going to be like once all that rubber heats up... it does give a whole new meaning to the term gluteus maximus though! :-D said...

Hehehehehe, man more laughs from you now on this!
and max, you have to be either blind or insane to be a pillion on this one. Or both!

Maximus said...

Kindly add, deaf, dumb, moronic, imbecilic, infantile, etc etc to the list of having to be before riding pillion on this, (no offense to any of the afflictions mentioned) I know beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but CHRIST! What do shove into that in place of air! Silicone!!!? :-D said...

We think not Max! Air is the standard fill in here at all costs! We have tested it and seen umpteen number of times (the reports for which we er somehow cannot publish) that silicone, especially in such generous amounts causes a lot of turbulence back at our office! :-D :-D