Aug 29, 2007

Stop or my mom will shoot!

"We havent had that spirit here...
Since 1969"

Yeah, that is right out of an Eagles mega hit number, but why? You ask.

The Honda CB750 in the picture here was an inline 4, 736 cc 67 bhp motorcycle which could go upto 200 kays an hour! Not happy? But before you write this machine off and assign it a footnote in your knowledge base, please consider that the CB was produced in 1969! Darn! Right?

Oh, and why that heading for this post? The CB750 was the first production machine in the world to have hydraulic disc brakes!

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Maximus said...

Not done guys, one pic and a few lines on arguably the greatest motorcycle of all time?! I DEMAND MORE! :-D

There is so much more to the CB750! the ergonomics, the styling, the SOHC (if I remember correctly) layout, then the brakes and top whack, worlds FIRST SuperBike (again, if I remember correctly)... until of course, my favorite, the Z1 :-D

alright, I'll stop, now post more! Waiting.



ps - wasn't Honda considering re launching this recently? That will be one awesome piece of history, and not ONE bit outdated even almost 30 years hence!