Aug 25, 2007

Falling in love with the Karizma again!

Let me cut out the nice things and the riff raff from this and get down to the point. I am in love with the Karizma, and am jotting down 5 points which make it a far superior tourer than the P180!

1) The long stroke motor always feels relaxed and rollover lugs from the engine between 60 and 90 kays an hour is awesome!
2) The ergonomics are made for long distances. So even with a beer belly and a few extra kilos, you will be right at home blasting across on our highways
3) The suspension and the long wheelbase are a work of art. Even at high speeds, this art does not seem to lose the layers of paint on the canvas!
4) Stamina. Yes if you have been doing long distances on your bike, you will know what it means. The engine starts to fag out on the Pulsar if you keep the throttle pinned for long distances. No sir, not on the Karizma!
5) Lights. If you zap a trucky up front with a high beam, a left swerve from him to let you go will be an immediate reaction. Also great while riding through B Class unlit roads and rural no roads.

You have some more to add? Or would you like to minus something?

Its an open road.

- Rahul


sachit said...

hi thnx for 5 vies that will ultimately help me in buying zma over p200 , all that gadgets on one side and zma on other is my confusion. mileage not that big issue.
sachit said...

Always Sachit,
Though Nitin is a pure Pulsar freak among all of us, me and Sumit seem to be totally in love with the Zma. It does not have so much feature and tech going for it, but what the heck!
Just like you said.
- Rahul