Aug 31, 2007

Apache RTR or Unicorn?

Hi Rahul,

This is Amzad..! I am planning to go for a new bike.. As of now I have RTR and Unicorn in my mind.. I am really confused to select one.. Please let me know your view ..

And also about the RTR engine, Will it do its best in the future.. I mean will it work for a long time(engine stability) when compared to Unicorn.
Awaiting for your reply..

Hello Amzad. The decision between the Apache RTR and the Honda Unicorn is purely functional. In terms of styling, performance and handling, the Apache RTR is the logical choice. But if you are looking for a more relaxed riding posture, longer distances and really bad roads, then the Unicorn makes more sense. You should judge your situation based on this.

Also, we do not see why the RTR engine should not go a long way. With a good run in, proper warm up and regular services, it will serve you a long time.
Ride Safe and let us know what you finally bought.


Amzad said...

Hey Buddy ,

Thanks for your immediate reply.. Will let you know about my new bike asap..

Great Rply..!


Amzad said...


Appreciate your reply.. Will let you know regarding my new bike ASAP! Many of my friends told me that Apache engine is not as good as others, thats why i doubted about the stability..! Anyways thanks once again..

Amzad said...

Aytime mate.. We are always at your service.
The engine should not be an issue. All engines run on the same principle and a little care will take this one a long way. Yes, we would also like to add that the Honda motor is one that is battle tested over time!
Yeah, we are eager to know what comes home for you!

Max said...

psst psst - Apache RTR EFi :-)