Sep 3, 2007

Suer thing mate!

Bajaj Said:

Bajaj would like to clarify the following in the context of its concerns over possible infringement of its DTS-i technology –
Bajaj believes that the use of twin spark technology, christened Bajaj DTS-i (Digital Twin Spark – Ignition), in small automotive engines is worthy of intellectual protection.

It had thus applied for the same for the Indian market on July 16, 2002 and was granted approval via patent number 195904 on July 7, 2005. If there exists any application for revocation of this patent, details of the same are not known to Bajaj.Similarly, it is also expecting approval of its international patent applications in various foreign countries subsequent to its application PCT/IN03/000348 dated October 30, 2003.

By virtue of the presence of DTS-i technology, Bajaj motorcycles including the Discover, Pulsar, and Avenger, have made Bajaj the leader not just in the premium (125 cc – 250 cc) motorcycle segment in India, but also in exports.

Given this success, various global manufacturers have in recent years attempted to imitate and thus infringe upon Bajaj technology/products, and Bajaj has and will continue to thwart them.Most recently Chinese manufacturer Taian Chiran Machinery Co ltd. and its Sri Lankan distributor were instructed by the honourable High court of Western Province, Sri Lanka to withdraw their copy of the Bajaj Pulsar with DTS-i technology from the market.

Bajaj has been anxious that failing domestic manufacturers may in an act of desperation adopt similar dubious methods in India.

Bajaj is preparing to defend its intellectual property in the event that such a product is eventually introduced. At that time, if evaluation of the actual product appears to suggest reasonable grounds for infringement, Bajaj will take all necessary steps to safeguard its interests as also to inflict the maximum permissible damage upon the offender so as to set an effective precedent for the future.

Bajaj accords the highest importance to its IP portfolio and will defend the same. Bajaj cautions against any attempt to infringe.

TVS Said:

Hosur, September 2, 2007: The TVS Motor Company is surprised at the wild and irresponsible allegations made by Bajaj Auto Ltd accusing TVS Motor Company of breaching their patent rights. The accusation is a malicious attempt to tarnish the fair name of a corporate that belongs to TVS group, which has consistently maintained the highest standards of ethics in business.

That the allegation of Bajaj Auto is ridiculous can be established by their own admission that the invention in issue namely, the application of twins spark plug is a known technology extensively in use all over the world for several decades and therefore, in patent law, it is a known prior art.

The patent that Bajaj claims is not for the use of twin spark plug technology per se but for the use of the two spark plug in a two valve IC engine with a detachably fixed sleeve. Against this patent also an application for revocation has already been filed based on settled case law on the subject. In any event, the use of Twin Spark Plug technology by TVS Motor does not infringe the above patent against which revocation proceedings are initiated.

In the circumstances and view of the malicious allegation made with the motive to damage our reputation, TVS Motor Company has been advised to initiate action for libel against Bajaj Auto Ltd. The TVS Motor Company therefore has advised its lawyers to put Bajaj Auto Ltd on notice that unless the malicious allegations are withdrawn and regrets expressed, to file a suit for damages in a sum of Rs. 250 crores. This action does not preclude TVS Motor from initiating such other action as the law may permit including criminal action against officials of Bajaj Auto Ltd who used libellous language against TVS Motor.

We could do with a fraction of this kind of awareness amidst bikers (forget what happens to the issue, cause when 2 elephants make love, its just the puny grass that suffers!) about the number of dudes who die in bike crashes on motorcycles from Bajaj and/ or TVS!

We could do away with bad roads and killer buses with patented 'no brakes on time ever' systems that are achieveing 6 sigma standards in terms of never ever failing to fail!

We could do with a little more space in the news print about how motorists driving SUVs, busy taking the pick of the night home for a lay after 16 drinks should respect the salesman, riding back home to see his little daughter!

We could do with so many things. Like going out for a ride. I rode a Pulsar today to meet a pal of mine doing his RTR and we hugged like brothers. United by biking. Patents and legalities are mere business. Biking and brotherhood is not. That is serious business. Ride Safe!


Maximus said...

Team Monoshock -

hats off guys, I don't think anyone could have put it better.

Wow. Keep em coming! If possible, send a copy to both parties!



Satadru said...

Precisely why I love Monoshock and shall keep on doing so as long as they keep on writing such articles!

My sentiments exactly! Especially about the salesman riding back home to be with his daughter. Poignant! Absolutely poignant!

Speedy said...

or some cool dude changing the CD or talkin to his GF n swerving into our lane just when we are about to go on the gas . . .

swagat said...

off topic: dude,its not cool when u delay your emag!....was expecting it on the 1st

well written post tho. said...

@ speedy: Completely agreed.

@ Swagat: All apologies buddy. Low on resources for some time here at office. Hence the delay. Should be up on Friday. We guess it will be worth the wait!