Sep 19, 2007

HORN Keep OK Distance PLEASE!

Separation Distances

The key to survival, unlike love relationships is distance. As a biker, remember that distance from the vehicle ahead and behind will keep that salary coming in every month instead of that bulk amount of your life insurance. Yes, sorry about being harsh but in India, you better watch your back because it is nobody’s fault. Every man for himself is the war cry!

Here goes:

At speeds of above 60 kmph, keep a distance of at least 60 feet from the guy up front. If traffic allows, make it even more. Generally, stick to the 1 foot per kmph rule. You will have enough reaction time to brake.
At speeds below 30 kmph, remember that half a foot per kmph is a good figure. Both in front and at the back of your bike.
We understand that tail gaters are aplenty here, but then again, distance from a dump truck or a bus which is raging war behind you is a good thing to do.

During rains, double the distance. If it is very heavy rain/ snow or filth on the road, leave the darn bike at home and take a bus!

While following large vehicles, keep larger separation distance so that:
- The large vehicle driver can see you in his rear view mirror and is aware of your presence
- You can see oncoming traffic, overtake starts as soon as the large vehicle crosses oncoming traffic. Sumos will swerve into action instantly and if you are right behind the bus or truck, it’s a darn head on!
- You have an increased field of vision once the need for overtaking arises.
- When you are approaching a bend with a large vehicle up front, increase the distance even more.

That should keep your family, your employer and your insurance company very happy!

- Ride Safe

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