Sep 11, 2007

9/11 - Just another date

This image symbolizes violence. Like at the World Trade Centre, Munich, The Middle East and many many more such 'civilized' places.

A fond memory of all those who lost their lives and strength to those who suffer in the hands of soldiers, sold in human grocery stores worldwide.

We hope someday there is peace. However, common sense tells us that peace here means total destruction. Like the wise Terminator once said, 'it is in our nature to destroy ourselves!'


Katîb said...

Umm, actually The Real Ideological Root of Terrorism lies in the foundations of Darwinism & Materialism.

I wonder how people fail to realize this, and I fail to understand how people tend to paint terrorism and religion with the same brush. said...

You are right dost! Its about all the things but religion! I am a great believer in that..