Sep 11, 2007

How true is true?

It happens mostly when I am skirting on the verge of boredom and sleep. Bored of the way things move and behave. I have imaginations of long winding roads divided by delicately drawn white lines in between. The great design, of what is yours and what is mine. Then there are images, of people gone by. That pretty girl in school who I never had the courage to talk to. The poor boy on the street that went away from my side, empty handed, hungry and sad while I was saving up to buy my third Adidas cap.

A friend of mine needed some money for something, which has now faded off my memory, but it must have been something important. I could not delay the purchase of my bike for a week and told him to go fish somewhere else.

I no longer walk alone and carelessly in the rain. I no longer long to be home, an imaginary place where we all connect to, but it never really exists. I work to get the emag online on time, thinking that delays may look unprofessional and hurt the advertisement value in the long run. Everything just blends into one unrecognizable paste of greed, viability and lust. The need for love, money, peace, speed and fame take the front row seats of the mind’s screen. Is this what it is like to be human? Does my writing go beyond the viabilities of a successful business plan? Is free really free? Or is it just to boost the numbers for the new advertiser?

I do not know friends. But I will try to see things in another light. I will try to be more genuine. For so many of you and Monoshock! It is my greatest dream. And we all know that most dreams are not built around viability.
- Rahul


Max said...

Hey Rahul,

hang in there! you're not alone, you've got a team to support you!

Cheers, :-)

Max said...

Hey max,
Thanks for the support. It is guys like you who are far more genuine than myself sometimes.
Ill try harder. Genuinity has no parallel and it never will. Thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Guyz it is this lunatic level of honesty that makes monoshock so f***in endearing. I alwayz feel like you read our mindz.

And yea you have no equals on the net in this free country. Take ma word for it.

swagat said...

very poignant....but where ,oh ,where is the sep issue?

Anonymous said...

yeah..where is the sept issue? Inside sources at monoshock say that the emag has already been launched but the links are not up. it's just that the guys around have something up their sleeves in the months to come . Come out with it!! Let our intriguing minds rest in peace until the next month

first_synn said...

Hey lo guys..

Rest assured, if it's anything i can work with, 'm on it....