Sep 13, 2007

Lead conversion and running in!

Hi Rahul,

Based on your inputs and suggestions, I have finally bought a Red Unicorn.

I would like to ask three questions...
1) Is it really necessary not to rev my new bike above 50kmph before 1st service?
2) What I feel is the first gear gives even before 15kmph i.e. I have to shift to 2nd gear immediately.
3) Can you suggest approximately up to what speed can go on 2nd and 3rd gears.

Thanks & regards,

Kartik H. Shah

Hi Kartik. Awesome choice I say! The red one looks so smashing. The motor is too smooth for its own good. Can you write a 400 word ownership experience and send in some pics for the Monoshock E mag? Would be great!

About running in the Honda: Please note that running in is a stage which has a lot of myths going around it. The key is not to keep to low revs only. If you want a long lasting engine with great performance here is the bullet list.

1) When you start up your bike in the morning or first time for that day, just let it idle for about 2 minutes. Gently keep the throttle just twisted enough so the engine does not stall if necessary during the first 30 seconds or so.

2) Take the engine through the entire rev range, which means rev it to 8000 rpm once in a while and then go back to 5000 or 4500! Do it again, each time for longer periods starting 30 seconds and gradually upping the durations. Speed is a result of gearing and its immaterial what the gear is. Just watch the rpm and go go go!

3) Put in about 100 ml of 2T oil into the fuel tank and tank it up to the brim. Do this till your bike has done 2000 kays on the odo. Thats orthodox but it works wonders.

This 3 point program can turn your machine into a well run in beast! Enjoy!

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