Sep 19, 2007

M for Monoshock!

While I was up on the terrace during the start of a thunderstorm, I shot this image. It was a formation of streaks of lightning that somehow formed the letter 'M'!

Sheer luck. You can download this image as a wallpaper too. Looks good.


Hrishi said...

Hey, thats a real nice photograph. I had tried lightening photography, and all i caught was a streak.

What equipment do u use?

PS: The image size is small for a wallpaper.
PPS: I mean the image after clicking on the image, not just the one visible on the blog..


first_synn said...

Holy Shyte...

You sir, are one of the elite few to have captured a lightning bolt (or 2) on film.

Congrats... said...

The trick to do lightning shots is simple, with a little practice! Use a wide lens, like a 24mm or something and focus it on a bright object in the horizon when there is lightning activity. Keep the light metering in centre weighted mode and the camera in Aperture Priority mode. Use the widest aperture.

1) Wait for a longish streak of light in the sky to appear. This is not your shot! When the meter has caught the streak and adjusted your shutter speed accordingly, zap the auto exposure lock and hold it there.

2) Wait for the next streak to appear and release the shutter.

Keep trying and you will get the thing right, and with a little luck letters too! FYI, I use a Nikon D70s and a D80. This one was with the D80, 28mm F2.8 Af Nikkor lens attached.