Sep 15, 2007

Flash in Public - Let the tail lamp show!

So you have a nice black bike, and on unlit streets and rainy days, it cannot be seen all the more. Pretty good stealth tactic we say. As long as the darn brake lamp and the tail lamp are working optimally! Or else, when you brake, someone is going to climb up your back. And we have seen enough porn flicks demonstrating how painful that can get!

The one thing that is essential for bikers to stay alive is the tail lamp. Never neglect the brake lamp if it is out of order. Get it fixed immediately. Sometimes, when you replace the rear brake shoes with new ones, the rear brake lever play lessens and does not trigger the brake lamp. Check this before you leave the service station. Oh yes, one more thing, if your girlfriend wears a salwar kameez on some day, make sure her apparel is not hanging over the tail lamp. We have seen enough of those too.

Keep flashing and you won't get gobbled up by the gaping hole between the front fender of a truck and the road. Thats worse than someone climbing your back, any night!
- Ride Safe

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