Aug 8, 2007

World's fastest motorcycle! The Bub Streamliner 7

Welcome to the world of pure functionality! Nothing about this two wheeler is 'cool'. We mean, its not something you can park beside a movie hall and expect to impress your date!

Get a load of this: Christened 'Seven' (it being the seventh streamliner Manning has designed in 40 odd years of holding and chasing the absolute Land Speed Record), the fastest motorcycle in the world features a purpose designed and engineered V-Four cylinder turbo charged 16 valve liquid cooled double overhead cam motor that delivers nearly three liters (158 inches) and close to 500 brake horse power to the technically demanding and notoriously difficult Bonneville surface via a custom designed and made monocoque carbon fiber and Kevlar construction chassis that provides the strength needed by the world's most demanding racing test.

Top speed attained: 354.832 miles per hour! Enough said. To hell with the movies and the date be darned!

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