Aug 5, 2007

The Sunday Morning Breakfast at Wenger's, New Delhi

For all of you who have a free Sunday morning in Delhi, take an auto/ your car/ bike and head to A 16, Connaught Place and get into Wenger's! It is essentially a pastry shop that serves some of the best tuna/ chicken/ ham sandwiches in town. Add to that amazing pastries, tarts and desserts.

For the more discerning ones, try the Shammi Kebab there! Its something made in God's own kitchen we say! No place to sit in there though. Get your grub packed, head out and use the metal pipes or the tougher to find park benches around the place and soak in the breeze while your tongue savours the goodies. Must do. 10/10 from our end.


Maximus said...

Deja Vu can be a good thing! Lived in Delhi for a few years, yup wengers is awesome, and so is the shammin kebab! What I would recommend, although am not sure if its still around, is a trip to Gourmet Affaire ( a dessert shoppe ), finger licming is not the world, just feast on the tiramisu if it still exists! (tough competition to flags in pune!)

Maximus said...

deja vu can be a good thing! Yup wengers is AWESOME (lived in Delhi for a few years) very true about the shammi kebab too, brings back memories! I would alsop recommend Gourmet Affaire (a dessert shoppe) if it still exists. Tiramusi there is out of this universe!

Rahul said...

Could not agree more with you Max! Wenger's sure rogers your sense of dieting (if you have one in the first place)!
GA? I don't know about that myself, but I will snoop around and use some of my resources to find out if they are still in business!