Aug 5, 2007

The best things in life are free

Yes, absolutely. We could not agree more. Sample this. While going out for a photoshoot today, we decided to take the longest route to the chosen destination. Now that involved a thirty five km stretch on the 6 laned NHAI maintained toll road.

Cars are charged 55 bucks for a multiple entry ticket and trucks and buses almost a 100! But, when you are on 2 wheels, the stretch is yours to sample for free. Awesome we say. Once we crossed the toll, the tarmac was amazing and it stays so for the next 200 kays. Trust us, you will get tired of keeping the throttle twisted, because there will be no need to slow down at all unless some truck decides to pull off one of their 2 minutes overtaking procedures!

And that too, on roads like these! See? Another reason why we will always strive to keep Monoshock free for you.

- Enjoy


Anonymous said...

Dayum guys u sure are havin a 'truck' load full of fun there.
i wish i could join in. which email addy do i send my curriculum to?

Maximus said...

wonderful! U guys planning to cover the golden quadrilateral down south too? thats one helluva stretch as well!