Aug 26, 2007

Monoshock Club Sandwich - RSA

Hello Folks, it has been a long sabbatical from the Monoshock main site. Updates and new content have been delayed for almost a month, thanks to low resources and too much of work.

But things are in order now. Loads of road tests and new clubs and a smashing new gallery are underway. You should have access to all this new content from Wednesday (29th August) evening onwards.

Not to forget that the Rubber Smoking Angels also make their presence heavily felt in our club sandwich section from then on! Cheers!


Max said...


thats an interesting coincidence, I was just having a little chat at moi blog with PriyuB from RSA, good guys, going places. :-)


Max said...

You bet Max, these guys will be going places, just give them a little time!

Speedy said...

Hey thanx for posting bout us guys. U doin a good job. Keep it up.

@Max, read ur blog dude. Nice work there. :) said...

Hey Speedy, you guys deserve the effor from our end.. and more!
Keep watching us for more action.

Anonymous said...

Hi monoshock guys,
Could we know when the hell are you are going to put up the gallery. You are starving us.

Maximus said...

Speedy - thanks buddy, and am still waiting for someone from RSA can send me a write up and pics so I can showcase some of your awesome talent! (had sent a mail to an address priyu sent me, not sure if you got it)

Stick with it guys, big time is round the corner!



ps Monoshock - starving, and thirsy, to add to what anonymous said :D