Aug 17, 2007

Tall ones!

I am looking to go for a Cruiser bike, can you let me know is there any chance that Kinetic will launch the Aquila again or any other bike in this category? If yes then when and what will be the price estimated.
I am 6.3” with long legs, hope the Aquila will suit me, please let me know your suggestions.
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Hello Udai. One of us at Monoshock had an Aquila for almost a year and a half and she was the apple of our eye. Great bike. But there was no service back up and the owner decided to sell her off while she was still good rather than watch her slowly fall apart. We don't think the Aquila is coming again, and even if it does, we would say stay away from it till you have the assurance of proper company services and spares.

Till then, if you need a cruiser and a cruiser only, look at Bajaj or Enfield. The only other choices you have. Please feel free to speak out by posting comments here.

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Maximus said...

Thunderbird..... (for your height the Avenger, the only other choice, will be and feel, rather small).