Aug 9, 2007

Cornering Part 2: Beware!

For those who gate crashed the cornering party late, the first part of the topic of discussion is here. . .

However, we would like to point out at this point that while you are riding into the countryside or the hills, corners will be aplenty and trust us about them being so tempting. But keep this 5 point bulletin in mind!

#1 Avoid leaning too much or going too hard into a blind corner, you never know what the other (and more importantly blind) end has in store for you.

#2 Avoid hard cornering on roads that pass through heavily wooded or forest patches. Animal poo can send you and your machine hurtling, rubber side up!

#3 If the road is very steep downhill, avoid it again unless you are a pro from the school of cornering. Gravity has a way to weigh things down heavily. Keep on a lower gear and do not use the clutch. Even if your revs reach the moon, the bike will be in control.

#4 If there is a sweep that needs the vision to cross a blazing sun, be careful. We have seen people lose control with that intense flash of sunlight. Its a big distraction. Imagine someone letting a flash gun go right in front of you while you are leaning!

#5 Do not look for lean when its not there. Very important. Judge each corner in isolation. They are not all the same and do not promise the same amount of fun!

Ride Safe

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