Aug 14, 2007

Tell me Xtremely Quick!

I read your road test of the Xtreme on Monoshock and had a few queries as I am planning to buy this bike really soon.

I am listing down my queries -
1) Are there vibrations from the bike and are felt by the rider above 80 kmph ?
2) How is the performance of the Engine, Clutch plates, Gearbox in long term ?
3) Do you recommend me to buy this bike among the 150cc segment or you will let me go for Unicorn / Pulsar / Apache ?

Also I am 5' 6" tall so does it put some restriction to owe a bike to ride it through a heavy traffic or a highway ?
Please reply soon as I am in immediate need of the bike and have to buy one really soon ...



Hello Yogendra,
Being 5.5 feet tall is no limitation to any riding. So just go ahead and enjoy the highways and traffic alike. Make sure you are wearing a helmet at all times!

1) The CBZ does have some vibrations at top speed but its not that high that you cannot buy one. If you are however, looking at carrying a pillion for long road trips, we would suggest the Unicorn.
2) The Honda motor that the CBZ comes with should give you long term reliability and fun. Its really great. The gearbox and clutch are good and there should be no issues if riden carefully, warmed up a bit each morning and serviced at scheduled intervals.
3) Its between the CBZ and the Unicorn here mate. Then its your personal choice. We can tell you that the CBZ has more character!

Keep us posted and post comments here for us to get back again. Ride Safe.

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