Aug 15, 2007


This is Anish, and i am in Canada right now, coming back to India next month and am very much interested in the P200, but i am confused; is that a good bike? How much is the average and how much it costs on road.

Thanks and Regards
Anish Mathur

Hello Anish. Great to hear from you. As our report here suggests, the 200 is a good machine. One of the best from the Bajaj stable without doubt. The riding style requires a bit more commitment than commuter bikes but hey, thats what we are looking at right? Looks smashing and that motor will get you 45 kays to a litre if you are not ham-fisting the throttle.
Price would be about 75 thousand bucks (on the outside) on road.
Feel free to get back here with your comments.


ani said...

hi , i hear the cbz-xtreme is also a good bike as compare to pulser, what would be ur choice to pick up the bike, and what is the average for p200 said...

The CBZ Xtreme is a great bike! We love it. Now there is no actual comparison here as there is a 50cc of difference!
The P200 will give you a mileage of 45 km per litre as stated above.
The choice here is totally yours. We would take both!

ani said...

i hear the chain of pulser break easy is that true said...

Its a free world and you can hear anything buddy :-D
We have a Pulsar at Monoshock too and it has done 35,000 km without any such problem with the chain.
And dont you think we ride in all conditions? So there you are!

ani said...

u know it is my dream to get a bike and when the pulser came out , it had the shity milage and it was really bad and after few year they had improved it so much that is y i am concern about it , pulsar has alwasy been the best one for me and i really like the look for the new pulser.

saleem said...

hey me thinking of buying the pulsar..but me really confused which 1 to go for.
the 22o or the is nt a riding wld be 30 kms a day ...can the 200 be tweaked to get performance of the 220