Aug 13, 2007

Guiding Star

I really like monoshock..its an excellent source for information on bikes. I want to buy a Pulsar 200 will you guide me?
- Vishaal

Hey Vishaal, glad you like Monoshock, to tell you the truth, so do we!
You can read the Pulsar 200 road test report here and some more findings here.
The rest is a cake walk. Locate dealer, withdraw money, stub out cigarette and walk in and book (though not necessarily in that order!) your P200. Its a good bike, we say. How else could we guide you dude?


Maximus said...

I like that, stub out cigarette... funny :-D rotflmao ... you're gonna have the anti tobacco lobby on your heels soon..

Rahul said...

Yeah max! Notice the use of words 'stub out....'. Enough to throw em out off the track! ;-)
These guys on the team are smart ones!