Jul 25, 2007

Peel off pack!

When we first did the road test on the Pulsar 200( you can read it here), we mentioned that the raised letters on the rear cowl would eventually fall off!

Various reasons for this being a big bag grazing against them while on long hauls, a bike cleaning dude down your street who is not extra careful or the pillion rubbing it up while getting on and off.

Now we are noticing loads of Pulsars with "20", "00" and "2 0" on the rear panel. We suggest going the good old flush decal way or something more substantial to hang in there despite being rubbed and grazed on a regular basis. Actually even without anything written, it would look good! This pic was taken at a parking lot today!

1 comment:

Max said...

I think you can add another thing to the decal, the tank scratch pad... not that its bad quality, but it WILL tempt miscreants at deserted parking lots. I hope Bajaj has enough spares! :-D 3 blokes I know had theirs ripped off!