Jul 18, 2007

Cause hippies don't like it!

This happened a few days back, and left us red eared for quite some time with embarrassment! Nitin and I were traveling for a photo shoot and story on Bodh Gaya and Nalanda for the website and the E mag.

The 'file picture' hogger that Nitin is, he needed to have shots clicked of himself beside every landmark we visited. After we finished this particular shot, we decided to get back on the road. Now you don't get to see such a pretty face everyday, do you? This lady was walking up ahead of us and her slender form was very pretty. Her yellow T challenging the sun. Nitin looked at her for some ten seconds and said "You know buddy I really have the hots for such women, they are almost like... er retros.. er nah, Hippies! Yeah thats the word! It gives me goose bumps" Her gait was relaxed and pretty soon, we were passing her. I was overwhelmed and could not resist asking if I could take a photo of hers.

"Nope" she said, in a very soft and warm voice, "Cause hippies don't like it!"

I cursed my luck and Nitin's loud mouth. And the silent ambient of the place that had carried the voice that far! There was not much else left to say after a smile of curt denial broke across her lips. We scooted from there as fast as you can say "What effers you guys have been...."

I found this pic later. While clicking out one of our man beside the world's largest sitting Buddha statue, she had somehow graced the frame! All apologies to you if you ever come by here!

- Rahul

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