Jul 28, 2007

From the night club!

Its early Sunday morning. 3 am to be precise. I am at a happening night club. The lights are blazing in glory, colouring everything in all shades of yellow, green and red.

The bartender is busy mixing up concoctions, to give the nervous systems of the people there an overdose of 'outta control' therapy. There are pretty women around. Their rope like slender bodies moving in rhythm, helped by the lights that skirt the edges of those supple curves.

There is romance in the air. And the music is just helping fuel that. People are close, their bodies entwined for the moment, dancing is the religion here. I close my eyes. Suddenly everything goes quiet. The music simmers down. The lights die out. The road sweeps ahead. Shiny from the rain. Red tail lamps of trucks greet me every one or so minutes. I write this down on a napkin from the bar top:

"No myriad hues of laser lights
No bottles that are oozing with nectars from heaven
No beautiful body, soft and warm to the touch
I have a very small desire
Give me a dark, long winding road
Three gears to go
And my Hellas on fire"
- Good night


Anonymous said...

Man...what a hell-of-a-thought! Didn't know you were so poetic. Anyways Mr. Highway man i'm sure there are lots more kays you would see in this life time. I'm sure.

Paulina said...

You write very well.

www.monoshock.in said...

Thanks for dropping by! Glad you liked the blog..