Jul 23, 2007

Drug saving discovery!

Last evening, after seeing a movie and walking towards the chow shops, I ran across this. I was darn lucky to have carried my faithful Nikon along!
It was a red Apache 150 that proudly bore on the numberplate : "Life saves drugs, say amen to destruction"
I am still trying to figure out what that really wants to convey! Any insights on this?


Satadru said...

The bike appears to be registered with Motor Vehicles of Barrackpore. This, however, is a non-issue and besides the point.

What happens to be the meat of the whole point are the words "Life" and "Drugs".

The order in which they appear, linked with the verb "saves", would imply that the biker involved has either got his priorities all wrong or is in distress and needs the help of his fellow men and women, perhaps.

I cant think of any other reason as to why one would say "amen" to destruction", which is a way of expressing assent to the termination of any or all things created by the Creator.

A more plausible explanation - the individual in question, has simply juggled with words.

Rahul said...

You bet satadru! 'Fellow women' is like hitting the nail on the head!

Life saves drugs? Well ill be....

Satadru said...


Amen to that! :-D

Satadru said...

Surprise! Surprise!

On the way back home from office this evening, in a heavy downpour, I finally was able to know more about the man on the machine which has a uniquely (albeit a little cliched) phrased numberplate.

My colleague and I were totally soaked to the bone at that time while we waited for the traffic lights to go green. Even in that pouring rain, a big square number plate attached to a familiar rear-end (!) with an inscription in gothic font captured my attention.

"Life Saves Drugs....Say Amen to Destruction"

I didn't wait to be given a second chance. Rain drops splattering my round spectacles, I pushed my bike next to the gentleman astride the TVS Apache and asked him all that I needed to know about the number plate.

In brief, he is a band member of a music group by the name of LSD which plays all kinds of music.

His choice of expanding this acronym of LSD was spurred by what I understood to be his "appetite for destruction" [Guns N Roses be praised for such a wondrous catch phrase!].

It struck me as quite remarkable when he stated that he was a worshipper of destructive forces.

And, therefore, the next line on the numberplate - "Say Amen to Destruction".

[If there's anything which I have misinterpreted, may he take no offence and post the correct interpretation thereof, in this blog.]

I asked for and got to know his name. Mr. Abhijit Sarkar was even kind enough to exchange contact information with me. I also explained to him in brief, next to a bus-stand in the shower, something about Monoshock and the blog.

Mr. Sarkar looked pleased enough to admit that he is more of a biking man himself despite having a 4-wheeler resting in his garage back home.

I passed him the URL of Monoshock in the hope that someday he too, might decide to contribute to this community.

Rains are a bliss and I love when information starts raining down like this!