Jul 27, 2007


A friend of ours recently got admitted into a very reputed college for an undergraduation course. Going through his student id card booklet, we found a very neat 8 point note on Ragging. We have just added the text in side the brackets!

- Avoid unfortunate/ dire consequences of (d)ragging
- Give due respect to your seniors (larger cubic capacities)
- Disciplinary action will be taken against those found involved in reckless (d)ragging
- Try to win the respect and regards of juniors through affection and sharing knowledge rather than (d)ragging
- Recall your feelings and mental state when you had been (d)ragged(and blown into the weeds)
- Change the conventional and crude modes of (d)ragging to impress your juniors (smaller cubic capacities)
- Juniors need more affection and support at this juncture, not (d)ragging (or living on the fumes of your exhaust)

Works like magic in both cases eh? Ride Safe!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the same lines are in co-relation with corporate ethics. Life is such a drag :-|

Satadru said...

I concur, absolutely.

niel said...

ragging..hmmm had my fair share in engg collg in interior nagpur.... sad no ragging in this side of the globe....no1 cares here...i guess no1 has the time.....all running... to where....i have yet to find that out !!