Jul 31, 2007

Protection does not kill the fun!

"Offering to the God of Speed"- The World's Fastest Indian.

We are sure that there is one such deity among the hundreds. Be fast, but always wear a helmet!

And make sure that:

1) Its a full faced lid with a visor that is strong and not fragile
2) The lid fits tight. When you move it after wearing it, your cheeks should also move.
3) Check the rigidity of the shell. Avoid non branded local makes
4) Guys in Delhi, NEVER buy one from the street side vendor. They know nothing about lids at all!
5) If you suffer a crash or the helmet is subjected to severe impact, change it, even if you cannot physically see the damage.

And, NO! Full faced helmets do not impair visibility or audio! So cut that crap!

If you like the image, it will fit your desktop as a wallpaper too! 1024 x 768!

Ride Safe


Max said...

So true! As a matter of fact we need to spread more awareness wrt the benefits of a lid, the youth, especially kids in college these days, considers it un"cool" to kit up, little do they realise that a good kit (lid+gloves and or a jacket) looks way cooler than riding lidless and popping dangerous wheelies!

As for buying sub standard road side lids, I dont get it, its not just the "economisers" with other pressing financial commitments who buy them, one can witness the imitation lids even on the cranium of riders on bigger, much more expensive bikes, I just dont get it, spend 60k+ on a bike, but think twice before shelling 2k for something that looks stunning and can save your life while at it?

Work, Work, Work, we have to get to work, theres a nation to awaken out there! Like Robert Miles or someone about the same period said, miles to go before, er, um, the gas runs out! :-D :-p

www.monoshock.in said...

You bet Max! There is a lot of work to be done! And together, we will try to do our bits for making motorcycling safer in India!

Maximus said...

count me in! and with more people hitting your blog and site, am sure the awareness is very much spreading! Hail Biking! :-D