Jul 30, 2007

Pleasure Up!

Hello ladies, if you are deciding between motoscooters without gears, please give this post a serious read.

Between the new jazzy Dio and the Pleasure, most technology bits like the engine, the automatic, the suspension and the wheels are exactly the same. What is different is the human engineering, if we may call it that!

There are nice little touches on the Hero Honda Pleasure like a big storage area below the handle up front, better seating, amazing foldaway footpegs for the pillion (trust us, this alone swung the scales in favour of the Pleasure, the Dio is actually uncomfortable for the pillion) and ample storage space.

Its great to see a contemporary design in the Dio, but that is the only thing that could be an edge! The Pleasure is a winner hands down. As far as the road test goes, there is our man riding pillion and gesturing franctically about the er, situation! Yeah we know Nitin, the scoot is good! The perks of the job, well we will be.....

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