Jul 22, 2007

The Road Has Promises #1

We are always looking for thrills. Its either the weekend party, or the new PDA or Digicam we have been saving up for. Once the objective is completed, and the object comes home to roost, we start looking for the next high.

I was riding home from office one day. The work day had been rough and issues after issues had cropped up and left a bad taste in my mouth. The plan was to get home, shower and change and meet up my fiancee. I have not been giving her time lately and its telling!

This is the road I take back home everyday and inside my helmet, I was talking out the various things that I could do today. A movie maybe, or a few hours of relaxation at the pub with a cold one that does not run out till my budget allows. With some loving conversation thrown in from her. And then I suddenly saw the scenery to my left. Everything apart from the chlorophyll colored grass was painted in a mystic shade of red. It looked unreal. Almost as if it had been stolen from a painter's masterpiece.

I pulled over and sat there for hours. Till the red got deeper and deeper and slowly the all consuming black of the night took over. The phone was switched off and everything else forgotten. It was time to unite with the universe and its myriad beauty.

What surprised me is that something this close to my house held so much beauty that it mesmerised me for hours! I did not go anywhere that day. Said I had a meeting and made up for it with her on Sunday. The road has promises. It has highs that don't fade, ever. Sorry about the evening honey. But once we are tied in holy matrimony and you and I are taking the long route home, Ill show you what I mean.

- Sumit

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