Jul 21, 2007

The Sunday Flurys Breakfast

For all those who come to Calcutta for business and leisure, if you are not at Flurys on a Sunday morning, you have certainly missed out on something. Flurys has been a landmark on Park Street for decades, dishing out some of the most mind numbing delicacies which are simple yet so original.

You can start off with some baked beans on toast, with some cheese/ chicken/ mushroom/ tomato filled omelettes (or a combination of these fillings) alongwith some amazingly done bacon! For veggies, there are plenty of options too. The vegetable patty that these guys engineer is one of the best you can ever lay your tongue under!

The cheese toast is out of the world and so are the Tuna sandwiches. The menu will confuse you to no end with all kinds of bread dishes, an array of omelettes, assorted pastries, darjeeling teas and numerous shakes and desserts! Whenever we do photoshoots in the city on Sunday mornings, a visit to Flurys is inevitable. The ambience is very contemporary and seating comfortable. You will find the whos- who of the city here on Sundays.

Parking for motorcycles is right there. On the same side of the street just a little down Park Street towards the West (Park Hotel).

If you are there on a Sunday and see a couple of bikers eating like famine victims without shame or manners, just walk up and say Hi Monoshockers! 99 outta 100 you will have hit the nail on the head. What you will also notice is that one of them have nothing sweet on his plate. Well that would be our man Nitin! With a wedding coming up and a health conscious to be wife, er you gotta be careful!

OK! Lemme take a look at that waiter, hmm ill have a portion of the double chocolate truffle!

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