Jul 24, 2007


The view from the now forgotten ice cream store on the river front at Kolkata.

It is absolutely sublime. With the sodium vapour lamps lending a hue of orange all around. Ride along sometime and get there. Because the wallpaper here (click image, once it opens up, right click and save) can never carry the essence of the place. The boats rocking and the sound of water gently lapping up against the embankment.

This is the best we could do to get you as close to how it feels!

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niel said...

hey this is outram ghat ..right... i guess it was one of the only few recluses in the 90's..have fond memories of bhel puri..fuchka...n rum n raisins... the 10rs..air gun try outs.... !!

sum dya it will only b a nostalgic memory in a old calcutta handbook...eh !