Jul 30, 2007

The road has promises #2

We recently got a couple of ungeared scooters to test. The Pleasure and the Dio. I took the pleasure and scooted off one evening with my girl riding pillion. Through the villages and the back roads we went, in the search for the perfect roadside chai.

The tea took very little time to find but we found this amazing temple in a village, tucked away from the hustle- bustle of city life. No crazy load of worshippers jostling for space. No chaotic levels of noise. Just peace and a sense of warm loneliness.

While she did her share of praying, I walked around taking pictures, and this is one of them. Legend has it that whatever you ask for here, is inevitably granted. Sharing a half hour with the locals at the holy land revealed mystic tales about the powers of the place. And if you travel through the heart of India, you will find millions of such mystic tales. Fused with the daily lives of those who live around such magical places. I say hit the road. It always has promises!

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