Jul 27, 2007

Its a small world!

We made this post a few days back. You can read about the number plate here.

Blog reader Satadru sent us this mail today and man, were we kicked! Here goes:

Surprise! Surprise!On the way back home from office this evening, in a heavy downpour, I finally was able to know more about the man on the machine which has a uniquely (albeit a little cliched) phrased numberplate.My colleague and I were totally soaked to the bone at that time while we waited for the traffic lights to go green.

Even in that pouring rain, a big square number plate attached to a familiar rear-end (!) with an inscription in gothic font captured my attention. "Life Saves Drugs....Say Amen to Destruction"I didn't wait to be given a second chance. Rain drops splattering my round spectacles, I pushed my bike next to the gentleman astride the TVS Apache and asked him all that I needed to know about the number plate.

In brief, he is a band member of a music group by the name of LSD which plays all kinds of music.His choice of expanding this acronym of LSD was spurred by what I understood to be his "appetite for destruction" [Guns N Roses be praised for such a wondrous catch phrase!]. It struck me as quite remarkable when he stated that he was a worshipper of destructive forces.And, therefore, the next line on the numberplate - "Say Amen to Destruction".[If there's anything which I have misinterpreted, may he take no offence and post the correct interpretation thereof, in this blog.]

I asked for and got to know his name. Mr. Abhijit Sarkar was even kind enough to exchange contact information with me. I also explained to him in brief, next to a bus-stand in the shower, something about Monoshock and the blog.Mr. Sarkar looked pleased enough to admit that he is more of a biking man himself despite having a 4-wheeler resting in his garage back home.I passed him the URL of Monoshock in the hope that someday he too, might decide to contribute to this community.

Rains are a bliss and I love when information starts raining down like this!

- Satadru

Hey Satadru, mate, thanks a million! We owe you (a cold) one!

- The Monoshock Team

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