Jul 24, 2007

Forgotten Destination

When I was working for a real estate firm of repute, the CEO there often told me that if you want to romance a woman to the hilt, you need to take her out on a boat ride from Babughat, Kolkata on a full moon night.

So while passing the place back from a friend's pad, I stopped over today. Took a long walk down the riverfront and shot some pictures. These are the boats he was talking about and the scenery is quite picturesque! However, the new malls, pubs and discos have totalled the number of bikers visiting this place. About 5 years ago, the ghat and the famous 'Scoop' ice cream and pizza parlour were a biker's favourite hangout, and trust me there were hundreds of two wheels parked here every evening!

Today, it wore a deserted look. No modded Pulsars, no pretty women sitting pillion. Even the good ol scoop parlour does not look the same. If you ever land up here in the late afternoon, try the upper floor of the ice cream parlour. I can assure you that its a view you will never ever forget. While your ice cream melts in the glazed clay boat, you will see small boats bobbing up and down in the water as the larger ones glide by slowly, back from a haul at sea!

Old things always make way for new I guess. But long after your favourite nightspot has changed 3 times over(I am told that these places fall in and out of popular lists of party hoppers), you can come back here once in while and see how time stands still.

And to fire it up, order up a special 'paw- bhaaji' at one of the river front stalls. You will not regret it! If it is after dusk and you are here to follow the words of my 'once upon a time' boss, you will be treated to views like these, that is if you have the time or the want to look up from the glazed gaze in your er, lover's eyes!

Let us know if you ever do it, we will be right here!

- Rahul

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