Aug 20, 2007

Air Brushed

"We feel that the best answer to this is to go with what you can afford. As you get more involved and "better" you will want to move up in class accordingly. You will find however, that a lot of the airbrushes you will start with will work for different scenarios later.

For example, I went to one of these artist go away things for automotive painting, and as I was setting up I got asked if I was a t-shirt artist based on the fact that I brought a paasche (my workhorse airbrush). Now there is nothing wrong with being a t-shirt artist, and I do not go around with my resume, magazine articles, dvd and video game covers, etc. taped to my forehead. Bottom line, its not the airbrush, its the loose nut behind the wheel."

That is Wetcoats for you. A place where you can see some of the best cycle custom paint jobs. Take a cue from there and email them in case you need some help starting your own!

And this amazing skull on the tank is from Tommy, a guy known to go overboard with his colour schemes! You can check him out here!

Awesome eh?

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