Aug 13, 2007

Win an ipod Shuffle!

Hello Guys, the 5th issue of the Monoshock E Magazine is now due next month, and guess what? We are giving away a free ipod Shuffle (512 MB) to one lucky dude who sends us the wildest, craziest story about 2 wheels!

Your story may be about a bike, an experience or just about anything else that involves motorcycles. We are looking at 800 words and if you have pictures to go with it, you sure can take the lead!

Send them in to



Maximus said...

oooooh nice!!! said...

Yes Max, its really great! However, being on board the e magazine team as a regular, you don't er qualify! Hehehehe! Not so nice anymore eh?
Give the dudes out there a chance man!

Maximus said...

Hey, all I said was, and I quote, (rather funny to quote myself but still!) "oooooh nice!!!" :-D (wicked'est grin ever!) I never said anything about qualifying, although now that you mention it, I think you're gonna have to put up with a demand for some goodies for us regulars too! heh heh (wicked'est grin ever, just got wicked'er!) :-D

Coming to the post, that is one sweet looking thing though. Whoever gets their hands on it is sure lucky! All the best!