Aug 15, 2007

Crash Season?

Listen to our man Max go!

"Now this is really going a bit too far, too much! Will the voodoo gods please stop! Turn those stars somewhere else! Leave us harmless bikers alone will ya! 4, not one or two, or even three, but 4! 2 of them on the same blinking day! If its a coincidence then I'd say its the darnest coincidence I've come across in a long time!"

If a crash has never cracked you up, this sure will. Max is our reality check man and he sure has a way with words. Please read up the entire post on his personal blog here. . .
And hey buddy, we hope you are not whiling away time crashing yourself against objects, in the quest for better blogging material becuase the September issue is now due! Heh heh.

We just loved this one. Give us some more! (Shiny sides up please)

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1 comment:

Maximus said...

:-D Nice pic, tony deserves a beer for the Ostrich Concept for sure! Its not too tough to relate to it though, Ive felt like doing that many a times, minus the bike of course. As for the topic, no I dont go about crashing looking for blog post material, I am, how do they say, a true taurean, I give bull in a china shop a whole new meaning. As a matter of fact, 5 bucks says someone started that saying after spending a day with me, damn well got no royalties for that either! its a cruel world!

RIDE SAFE PEOPLE, and always use protection.. (lid...dont get any ideas)