Aug 17, 2007

2008 Suzuki Hayabusa - Whats new?

This really intrigued us for a while so we hunted down every piece of reliable information to find out whats new about the 2008 'Busa.

1) Chassis: A more rigid but lighter chassis this time is being employed
2) Engine: Displacement is now up to 1340 cc. The pistons are lighter and the valves are made of titanium. Compression is up to 12.5:1.
3) Exhaust: Huge dual silencers now in place to get the mammoth to meet Euro 3 emissions.
4) Fuel Injection: Dual valve, dual injector setup with the new Drive Mode Selector! Essentially it is a selectable engine mapping offering 3 kinds of power delivery!
5) Brakes: One of the old bike's weak points now updated to 4 piston radially mounted calipers and smaller but thicker 310 mm discs.
6) Aerodynamics: Improved with a wider fairing and a 15mm higher screen.
7) Forks: Coated with a carbon compound to reduce static friction.

In short, 7 points to make life easier for those who swear by the Busa. And totally unnecessary information for the modders in our country. These are non issues. What would have taken their sleeps away was if just the sticker on the fairing had changed! Can you beat that?

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