Aug 14, 2007

Triumphant Strides

The much awaited Triumph Street Triple was officially unveiled to over 5,000 Triumph owners on Saturday, June 30th, at Triumph Tridays in Neukirchen, Austria.

The Street Triple offers 675cc of pure, naked aggression, combining the streetfighter styling of its older brother, the Speed Triple, with the 675cc engine, chassis and performance of the award-winning Daytona 675. Genetically engineered by Triumph, the Street Triple is set to become the most desirable naked middleweight motorcycle in the market.

Packing a powerful punch of 107 horsepower (claimed) and 51 lbs. ft. of torque, the Street Triple is set to dominate the class (of one!), and probably a few of the heavyweights too. The proven 675 engine should deliver strong performance from idle to the redline, while the distinctive three cylinder feel, and unmistakable sound, offer unique ride.

The Street Triple’s aluminum frame and swingarm come directly from the Daytona 675, while the Nissin two piston sliding calipers with sintered pads (the same material as used on the Daytona 675) give braking power that is top of its class.

The lightweight five-spoked wheels also come straight from the Daytona 675, with Dunlop Sportmax Qualifier tires fitted as standard (120/70 ZR17 front and 180/55 ZR17 rear). Lean and agile, the Street Triple is equipped with Kayaba suspension front and rear, with rear preload adjustment, giving class leading handling.

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Images: Triumph


Maximus said...

you think maybe its time to beg. plead, and convince Bajaj to ONLY concentrate on Triumph and not Ducati as well? (as per info alst received, they were doing just that!) or wait, they dont have a Monster, but they have the Rocket III, what about the 1098 then, oh the Daytona should do, oh heck just acquire BOTH of em will ya! :-D

Anonymous said...

Acquisition is not the only issue here I think. The issue is delivery. Look at kinetic and italjet. It sounds pretty good on paper. On our streets it transforms to nothing.
Bajaj and our other Indian companies need to respect figures. They will get hold of say, Triumph and churn out a model and bugger the back sides of their sales teams if a 100 of them are not selling each day...
Then maybe they will get hold of a celebrity and paint the town with the color of his hair!
Its passion that made a Triumph. Its fashion (read hairstyles, cleavages and long legs) that sells here. Let us live and learn.

Maximus said...

Anonymous - lighten up buddy, things arent that bad, totally with you on the sales part, but you know what, its changing, and BIKERS are changing it. Our time will come, hang in there!