Aug 14, 2007

Happy Independence Day, or something like that!

Hello Readers. Happy Independence Day! We woke up this morning and found this staring at us in the face on the frontpage of a daily! It said
"A bus full of school-going children mowed down a couple on EM Bypass on Tuesday morning. Anutosh Majumdar, 46, and his wife Madhumita, 30, were on their way to work when their motorcycle hit a pothole, lost control and ended up under the wheels of the schoolbus. The couple has a 10-month-old daughter." Awesome!

Potholes on the road the size of craters are bound to happen, is what some civic authority will say. Bikers will die, will be the murmur of some others. The headline will be forgotten and someone else riding down will take the honour of hogging another day's headline! We wonder whats the point in filling up web pages with road tests and great pictures? When fellow bikers keep kicking the bucket each and every day. Some for their own faults and some for the fault of others.

Nature has a way of protecting the vulnerable. Come on mother, do something for us. Max, Synn, Rearset, guys where are you? Can we do something? Start an outdoor campaign? Educate the f***ing nuts on wheels without lids that they will all be mercilessly slaughtered one day? We are angry! And the worst thing is that tomorrow morning, the pressure of the daily schedule or a call from that lustful babe is going to blow these thoughts into oblivion!

Its amazing how we are degenerating. Its amazing how we are so proud of Monoshock. Its amazing how we are still alive!

- The Monoshock Team


Maximus said...

F*** man this is terrible! I think its about time the entire automotive fraternity got together and pushed some lobby somewhere to make lids compulsory, maybe dole it out free with every bike sold if need be!!! You gguys are bang on target, there isn't a day when page 2-3 doesnt have some gory details of a biker meeting with a gruesome death (with or without helmet), but at least the lid HELPS!

Would you believe it just a few minutes back I finished a post on the blog a bout titled crash season? Sometimes coincidence can really suck. May their souls rest in peace and may god bless the child.

Count me in for any plans you guys have. Anything at all. Something needs to be done for sure. Dont feel bad about the next day, your good work needs to continue!! said...

Yeah we know Max. Its sad to see the amounts being blown up to sponsor a bunch of dud(e)s playing cricket or a dusky babe to pose beside a bike on a hoarding!
But nothing being done for biking safety? We are on it this time. Whether it works out or not, we cannot say but we will stir up a storm mate. And Max, you are in big time mate as usual. You will hear from us pretty soon!

Maximus said...

Don't even get me started on the cricket thing, (gave up a successful stint as a footballer , because all the money was in cricket!) as for aadvertising, the manu's need to be told that making margins and off shore acquisitions arent enough, they ought to be socially responsible enough to enccourage safety, going beyond advertising disclaimers on ads showing stoppies around edges of cliffs, they need to start riding schools, print pamphlets, dole out helmets (let the damn bikes take a cost cut to incorporate it, 800 bucks a bike aint much to them!)

By all means, you know where to reach me!

Anonymous said...

Really looking forward to something from you guys at Monoshock. Am really sure you can work something out, save lives and educate people.