Aug 8, 2007

Honda, can we have this please?

Okay, so the action is in the 125 to 150 cc segment right? We will listen to that rant and agree, but on one condition. Give us a decent 125 like this. The Honda CBR 125 R is a 13.3 bhp, 10.1 NM torque bike which uses a single, liquid cooled cyclinder and six gears to see itself ride into your heart.

More goodies include disc brakes all around, a monoshock at the back, 80/ 90 rubber up front and 110/80 at the rear as footwear! Nothing that India does not have in production yet. Weighing in at a 110 kgs (only?) and that mean look it wears, we think this could be the best bet for Honda to blow a lot of urban competition into the weeds. But if wishes were horses, darn darn darn! Why drool over a litre class bike and cry your throat hoarse when you cannot afford one in the first case? Any feedback?

1 comment:

Maximus said...

This one time.. am with Honda, I'll tell you why..that same attitude - "average kya hai?"

Me and you are aware of who this bike caters too, but thats not mass majority, who still expect a 125 (heck even 150!!!) to give good mileage... guess we'll just have to wait for CBUs or SKDs (hope its the latter!!) :-)

But if they can get at least that 17500k rpm revving 250, then am game!!!