Nov 1, 2007

Winter is here!

The P220 has been a constant entertainer at Monoshock lately. The last couple of days were rainy and dark, and hence, low contrast pictures came out really well.

I was out on the road again today evening. However, this time, I was enjoying myself on the pillion perch as Nitin was incessantly doing 7k rpm on the neat deserted highway. The aim was to get somewhere, while getting a stamina and fatigue test done on the P220. After a 100 kays, we decided to turn around. The sun had well been consumed by the horizon. Here and there, young boys were scurrying home, their pet stray dogs close on their heels. A million flying bugs ended their lives, leaving their entrails all over that brilliant headlamp, fairing and our visors! The truckies were all pulled over and sweet milky tea was being brewed at every shanty that passed by.

As we cleared a long trailer, a gust of cold wind hit our bodies which were plummeting down the black top, well over a 100 kays an hour. I closed my eyes inside the lid and saw visions of myself coming back from school to a warm glass of milk and some cookies my mother bought for me from a nearby shop owned by an old man. He was as old as the mango trees in the garden nearby, some said. We had no television or power in my growing up days. Mom says, we could not afford it. I feel I never needed it. As long as the sky was clear, the dew was forming and there was a nip in the air.

I filled my eyes with reruns of my life till they had to make space by letting out some water. Tears that originated and died inside the shell of my Index lid, untouched by the world. I opened my eyes and shouted, "Dude, the winter is here!" A gentle nod confirmed that the feeling was the same upfront. The chill in the wind continued. So did the closed eye recaps of my life. Someday, dost, I will tell you all about it! Ride Safe.
- Rahul

Image in post: Winter Road By Thorolf Holmboe

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Anonymous said...

Dood start writing a book me says. This line of stuff makes winners...Makes me come back to monoshock all the time.